#1 Sunday Blog

#1 represents the first Sunday blog. Decided that every Sunday evening I will be dropping a new blog, outlining some simple tips & tricks on becoming fitter, healthier, stronger & mixed in with some random life bits.

So, first up for #1 – I will put this under the category of ‘random life bits’

This is my account on The Side Hustle

During these uncertain times I’m sure a lot of us have thought about or maybe even started a ‘Side Hustle’. You may have been thinking about this for a while, probably even years and never really done anything about it. So with Lockdown playing it’s part, there is no better time to start that Side Hustle and earn a little extra on the fly and who knows, your passion could turn into your full time gig.

Here’s my simple 6 steps to launch

  1. Begin with a problem – Start-ups fail when the problem they are fixing isn’t one that people care enough about to pay for a solution. know exactly who you are helping.
  2. Test your assumptions – List the conditions needed for success – competitor analysis, SWOT and so on. Test your assumptions by speaking to your target market.
  3. Draw up a schedule – If your hours are consistent and non-negotiable, you won’t be derailed by social engagements or even your day job.
  4. Don’t be too ambitious – It’s very easy to overestimate how much free time you’ll have – let alone how much energy and mental capacity. Quick success is rare, so focus on building momentum, keep the momentum and aim for marginal gains. Don’t shoot out the blocks.
  5. Make yourself accountable – Ensure that you remain on track by sharing your targets with a friend, partner or colleague this will keep you stay accountable for your success. Make external pressure and ally.
  6. Know yourself – If you’re struggling to make things work, ask yourself why. First, are you honestly excited about you idea? Are you extremely passionate about your Side Hustle? Or perhaps are you afraid of failing? If the later then you will need to tackle your doubt, because I am a massive believer that self doubt will kill your dreams.

“your hobby can become you side hustle. Almost any skill can be monetised” 

“If not NOW then when”. – Tony Robbins

This is me starting my Sunday blog today.