Firstly, massive respect to all our front line workers out there who are pulling some almighty shifts keeping the nation alive. Including the guy who has been serving me once a week at Sainsburys (other supermarkets available) he was quick to tell me that he had worked 7 days straight and the bankers are not so important any more, I hear you buddy but everyone has a role to play.

And, right now for the majority of the population is to stay home and keep the NHS safe. So for all of you pricks ignoring the government guide lines – grow up.

Week 4 of Isolation. If I am completely honest right now, I am actually enjoying the peacefulness this is bringing to Laura and I. It bloody sucks not seeing Chloe (my daughter) but I know she is safe and happy with her mum and it would be irresponsible of us if Chloe was to be going between her 2 homes especially with Laura being Keith Cheggers.

So, here it is and I know this a very simple one but for once in my life I am putting it into practice without the choice.


We all know that to be more productive and really do the things which we want to do we should learn to say No more, this is something I have always struggled with as it is in my nature to be a people pleaser and say Yes to everything (I think I get this from my mum).

These past 3.5 weeks I haven’t been able to say Yes to anyone so I have finally sat down, stopped running around for others and figured out what it actually is that Adam wants. So I put those answers into action and here it is, a website, blog, book, online subscriptions (coming soon). These are the foundations I have put in place to start living my purpose, I am on mission to help others live a fitter healthier life and to start with I will be focusing on helping steroid users overcome the unhealthy addiction.

Your one takeaway from this blog is that if the answer is not a FUCK YEAH LETS DO IT then simply say no.

Write you own story. Live your Passion.

Here’s mine for free.