How we can improve our daily decisions.

We all have the freedom to make choices at any given moment and sometimes the smallest choices can lead to the biggest destinations – good or bad.

I made the wrong choice when I first got offered to buy Anabolic Steroids, that one small choice lead to an 8 -year addiction. When we give ourselves time to really think about our choices would we choose a different answer?

If I could turn back time then of course I would, instead of taking these drugs I wish I had invested the time, money and dedication into something which was going to be more beneficial in my life but the simple reality is that I cant. All I can do is turn that negative into a positive and help others who could potentially be in the same situation that I was in.

All my choices now are to lead me to my purpose, to simply live a fitter and healthier life and help others to not make the same mistakes which I did.

To live a healthier and more fulfilling life we can sometimes make things easier for ourselves, simply look at our daily defaults.

  • Sleeping with your phone next to your bed – you will then be more likely to check emails and social media as soon as you wake up. (not to mention the damaging affect that having a mobile next to your bed will do to your health – story for another time but, EMF is a serious problem for the 21st Century)
  • If all your sofa’s and chairs and directly pointing towards the TV, then it is more likely that your default decision will be to watch television. Reading a book, listening to podcast or having a conversation with your partner could be better choices.
  • If you keep sugary treats in your kitchen then eating junk is more likely to be your default decisionOf course, defaults can be positive as well.
  • If you keep a book by your bed you are more likely to read every night.
  • If you keep your vitamins / supplements visible in the kitchen then you are more likely going to remember to take these every day.
  • If you keep a water bottle on you all day you are likely to drink more water throughout the day and hopefully less fizzy drinks.

Simple changes like this can be installed into us which soon become our daily habits without even thinking about them. Shifting your environment so that good behaviours are easier, and the bad behaviours are harder is a simple way of living healthier.

Stay well.