03.05.2020 and I haven’t had a drink this year yet.

I also feel like a lot of people in their twenties & early thirties are becoming more aware of the health implications which alcohol can cause. Or this could be because the younger generation are a lot more body conscious now – topic for another time.

So, day 124 in 2020 I haven’t had a drop of alcohol. Now I’m not going to be preaching that I’m never going to drink again because I will. I enjoy a cold beer as much as the next guy and no one loves a night out with the boys as much as I do. No doubt there will be times when I pull the pin this year.

But for now, lets talk about the rise of non-drinkers and that AF beer is actually pretty good.

For the record my go-to is Heineken 0.0 – it’s very good.

Let’s start with the feel good benefits this has had on me;

  • Improved sleep
  • Noticeably better all round health
  • More productive
  • Reduced anxiety
  • If I was overweight then I’m sure this would of helped me lose weight
  • Saving money
  • Zero days wasted

Now these are all pretty obvious but what has occurred to me the most is that I have been in full control of my actions and words for every single second this year. I’m not in my early twenties any more and I never want to use the excuse of ‘I was drunk’ ‘it was the alcohol’. Taking control is a great feeling, If I mess up then I put my hands up and own it. I think it’s far too easy to use alcohol as an excuse, I have obviously done this in the past but now being slightly older and slightly wiser I can say it’s a much greater felling knowing that I am always in full control.

I do believe that everyone should try giving up alcohol for a short period, in my opinion a minimum of three months. Give yourself the time to really dive into and become the best version of yourself by having full control every second. Save money, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, be more productive and no doubt this will improve your relationships at home.

Create deep connections sober!

Those drunken connections we make on nights out which lets be honest we barely remember and are more than likely to be embarrassed at what was said or did!

Being able to connect on a deep level with your partner whilst being sober, yes at the start it’s probably hard and a little awkward but it is so much more rewarding then the forgotten ‘drunk chats’ over a bottle of gin or two.

Of course I’ll drink again (I think) but for now I am enjoying owning every day.

Cheers the AF way!