Coaching Cards


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60 ready made workouts for you to complete any time anywhere. They have been specifically designed for you to complete any time anywhere. All workouts vary from a quick 15-minute full body blast to 30-40 minute endurance session.

  • Working away? This is your perfect hotel room companion
  • Going on holiday? essential item to pack to keep on top of your fitness in a fun and easy way
  • 15 – 20-minute sessions are perfect when time is limited
  • 150 X more likely to work out when you have the cards
  • The perfect fitness gift
  • Scrolling the internet looking for a workout? – let the cards decide
  • Pick at random… get the workout done… and feel the benefits
  • Perfect for all the family
  • Discussion topic on each of the cards for you and your training partner / family to discuss after the workout
  • If you’re a PT and want to offer some variation to your clients training? A perfect way to workout together whilst discussing the topic

*workouts cards are a mixture of just bodyweight sessions and some which require equipment and all workouts can be scaled. For example, dumbbells can be replaced for resistance bands and cardio activities can be replaced for running/skipping if no access to machines.