"The workouts have been testing but very enjoyable"
Jack. P
"A new exciting way to workout, bringing the conversation into it also gets your mind working"
Sarah. S
"A great way to get the body moving and more importantly get us talking and connecting more"
James. T
"Creative, physically tough and mentally enjoyable"
Men’s Health
"A fantastic way to bring the team closer. Both physically and mentally challenged the boys"
Bath Rugby

Wellness Cards

Designed specifically to get the bodies moving and the minds talking.

50 high impact training and conversation cards to get physically fitter and mentally stronger.

  • Ideal for on the go – going on holiday or working away this pack is your perfect companion to get on top of your health and fitness. Do the workout with you partner or friend and connect on a deeper level with the ‘conversation starter’.
  • Covers all aspects of physical fitness and mental stamina – each workout will push you physically to help you stay healthy and get fitter. The conversation time will help grow and develop deep relationships by having meaningful conversations.
  • No equipment required – the cards have been perfectly designed to use anytime anywhere. All workouts are body weight exercises which can be scaled to meet your fitness levels.
  • The perfect wellness gift – looking for that perfect gift? The pack of wellness cards have proved to be very popular as a gift.
  • Improving human connection – a perfect way to connect with friends, family or even new acquaintances. Feel great with a workout and connect with discussing one of our interesting topics.
  • Struggling for time – the workouts range from 10 to 40 minutes. Just choose one to suit you or pick at random and let the cards decide
  • Satisfaction guaranteed – backed by our no hassle, 30-day money-back guarantee.

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If we are not challenged, we are not growing

“We must look after our wellbeing, that means making sure we prioritise our physical health and our mental stamina. These cards will do just that and sometime all it takes is 10-minutes a day to grow in these specific areas of life.”

Adam Clayton